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Where To Begin

The SiteGrinder documentation is divided into "Essentials Guides" and "Reference Guides".

Anyone new to SiteGrinder should begin with the Essentials Guides and read the first 3 or 4 (or watch the associated videos) in order, starting with the SiteGrinder 3 Essentials Introduction.

If you are a SiteGrinder 2 user you may want to begin with the "SiteGrinder 3 for SiteGrinder 2 Users" section, but you will also want to go through the Essentials Guides for a clear understanding of how SiteGrinder 3 works.

The point of the essentials guide is to provide the vital information every user needs to know about a feature area.

When you are ready to learn more about a particular feature you can move on to the reference guide for that feature or start playing around in Photoshop.

You may also want to peruse the Complete Hint List.

Obtaining Bound Versions of the SiteGrinder 3 Documentation

Bound copies of the SiteGrinder 3 documentation are available for purchase from

Click below to order:

Getting Started Guide   $14.95

Feature Reference        $24.95

You can also export any page of this wiki to PDF at any time by selecting View>Export to PDF from the menu.  This zip document contains latest version of the main portions of this document. (Latest export: April, 2011.)

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